Linking Related Feature Branches

Another use case of gitman is to test experimental versions of related product sub-components. In the web app + API example, a new feature might require changes in both the API and web app.

Custom Locked Sources

By manually modifying the sources_locked section, a particular version of the API can be checked out to help finish the complete feature in the web app:

location: vendor
- name: api
  rev: develop
- name: api
  rev: feature/authenticate-with-github  # related feature branch in the API

If this modified gitman.yml is committed to a corresponding feature branch in the web app, others will be able to create a similar working tree to collaborate on the feature.

Development Workflow

  1. Run $ gitman install during continuous integration and locally to test the web app against the proposed API changes
  2. Commit gitman.yml to share this feature branch with others
  3. When the feature is complete, merge the API feature branch first
  4. Run $ gitman update to reset gitman.yml back to a tracking a specific commit