Git Plugin

gitman offers a simplified version of the command-line interface in the form of a plugin for Git.


To clone/checkout the specified dependencies, run:

git deps

Delete all untracked files in dependencies by instead running:

git deps --clean

Git will exit with an error if there are any uncommitted changes in dependencies. To overwrite all changes, run:

git deps --force


If any of the dependencies track a branch (rather than a specific commit), the current upstream version of that branch can be checked out by running:

git deps --update

This will also record the exact versions that were checked out. Disable this behavior by instead running:

git deps --update --no-lock

Or, to additionally get the latest versions of all nested dependencies, run:

git deps --update --all

To restore the exact versions previously checked out, run:

git deps


To display the currently checked out dependencies, run:

git deps --list


To delete all dependencies, run:

git deps --uninstall

If any dependencies contain uncommitted changes, instead run:

git deps --uninstall --force